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The Labyrinth

Game developed only as lighting and mechanical tests.

Posted in: 2019-04-04 11:17:42 | Author: Gunnar Correa

This project goes on the side of humor, with a very strange story. Basically a police officer got tired of her work and decided to become a homeless, so she befriended another resident, 'Paulão'. 'Antonia' now to be called 'Tonha' or 'Tonheira'.
On any given day, she saw a building and decided to jump in, and it was nothing more than a maze, so she needs to push the levers to lower walls and gates.
After finishing the first day, the night mode is released, and there the scenery is dark and features an unpublished appearance, the 'Paulão'. The mechanics of night mode are exactly the same as day mode.
The maze changes in two different ways each time the game is started, that is, there are two paths for some levers.

The scenario models were created with Blender 3D, in versions prior to 2.8. Textures have been downloaded from
All walls are adjustable blocks, so it is much simpler to set up a maze.
The characters were created with Adobe Fuse, this includes their textures.

The animations of the characters were made on the site Mixamo, while the others, such as gate, levers and walls, were made in the Animation of the Engine itself.

Background audio has been downloaded from some free music site, I can not remember which, but probably
For the audio of the gate, it was done together with my friend 'Isac Martins', basically I asked for his help to create this gate, so we were having coffee in the pantry, so I let a spoon fall on a plate with borders, Isac already touched me and suggested that sound. In short, we use a plate and a spoon to make the sound.
The dubbing of the character was made by a friend who prefers not to be identified, he appealed to the humor side to create situations and voiceovers.
I was responsible for performing the introduction dub, I used the microphone of an Iphone.

Game Engine
The game was created on Unity 5 around 04/2017, a few features of the Engine were used, because this is a very simple project.
The whole scenario is modular and adjustable, in some points, the walls are random, thus creating different paths.
For day and night mode, two different scenes were used, the map is the same, what changes is that in night mode there are some points of light and a darker skybox.
In some points there are collision components, when collided with the Player, some audios of the character and also of his friend are played.

- Alexandre Matos - Suggestions
- Bruno Fellipo, Isaac Martins - Audio
- Raphael Viotto - Test

Platform: Windows PC
Size: 250MB



The Labyrinth

Labyrinth Game