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The 7 Tombs

Third-person game in exploration mode, created for the course of 3D Game Development.

Posted in: 2019-04-04 12:24:20 | Author: Gunnar Correa

The game has a very simple theme, basically the archaeologist Tonny discovered an area of ​​Egypt that had not been explored, so he must enter the seven tombs and rescue their relics before they are sacked.
The player takes control in the third person, and must find all the tombs, tighten the mechanism that opens the door, and for yes, open the tomb.
Once all the relics are collected, the player needs to go to a specific location, full of flags, so the credit screen goes up the game ends.

All models were created with Blender 3D, in versions prior to 2.80. The tombs are modular pieces, including the ceiling and the floor, but the shape of all of them are exactly the same.
For the character model, Sofware Make Human was used.

The animations of the character were made on the site Mixamo, while all the others in Unity 3D. When the tomb is opened, at the end of its animation, a physics component is activated, so the cover drops for physics, not for animation.

The audios used were obtained through
The character has two types of footprints, which are sand and concrete / stone. There are two ambient sounds, one for outside area while another for the interior of the tombs.

Game Engine
The game was developed in Unity 2017, we use several resources, such as Terrain, Tree Creator, Animation, AudioSource and many other contents for the elaboration of the project.

Platform: Windows PC
Size: 250MB


The 7 Tombs

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