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Saci Rodando a Baiana

Game developed during Global Gam Jam

Posted in: 2019-04-05 11:50:25 | Author: Gunnar Correa

Like any Game Jam project, everything is very fast, and with that, it was no different. I was lucky enough to join a team of talented and dedicated people, so we were able to carry out a very simple but fun project with a beginning, middle and end.

Basically I was responsible for developing the game, performing the modeling and coordinating what was needed for the project. The rest of the team was responsible for the drawings, sounds, creating the page on the JAM website and all other works.

The theme of the year was Ritual, so our team decided to make a game focused on the Brazilian rituals, involving the Saci Perere and the Bahian culture. The player controls the character in first person, he needs to talk to Saci and Baiana, both ask for items that are scattered around the making, and only the one from Bahia is necessary to finish the game.

The player has to find food, ropes, seasoning glasses and other items, both Saco and Baiana require different items.

The audio was not produced by me, but basically we have a dubbing done by Ivan, he dubbed the Baiana and also the sati. The other audios were obtained on free music sites.

Everything was done with Blender in versions prior to 2.80. We started off with an art of low poly carving, because we did not have the time to devote ourselves to modeling.

The game was developed with Unity, we use few features and a lot of programming to create the interactions. For the terrain we use Terrain, with three types of textures. In total there are only two scenes, one for the menu and another for the game.

Platform: Windows

Saci Rodando a Baiana

Images of the game Saci Rodando a Baiana