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Resident Evil Keys

Created as inspiration for the Resident Evil 2 game, the model is included in the Unity custom package.

Posted in: 2019-03-31 12:12:55 | Author: Gunnar Correa

Created with Blender 2.80, in total, there are four types of keys, in the colors green, blue, roch and red. The idea was to create something very close to the original model, in which the only difference is the details at the top.

There are four different materials, one for each key, according to the colors mentioned above. Every key is made of metal, with little roughness and metallic good. Each key has a unique feature at its top.

The template can be found in my Sketchfab account, and is available for download.

Custom Packages
The keys were created for the Custom Packages package, made for Engine Unity 3D. Initially it was not to be RE keys, however as I really like the game, so I have re-built these models.


Resident Evil keys

Resident Evil keys creation progress.

  • Blender 2.80

    Blender 2.80

  • Substance Painter

    Substance Painter

  • Blender 2.80 Render

    Blender 2.80 Render

  • Models in Unity 3D

    Models in Unity 3D