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Neon Tower Defense

Game in which the player needs to build towers, perform upgrades and shoot down enemies.

Posted in: 2019-04-05 13:08:29 | Author: Gunnar Correa

The game is being developed a little less than a year by Triquantic (, the studio in which I created to publish the games.

The game will be released for PC, still without expectations for platforms other than Windows. It was initially speculated on a build for Mobile, however it would take a lot of game quality to meet this requirement, after all, the charm of the game is all the effects of lights, music, other effects.

With different towers, the player needs to build his strategy and not let the vehicles reach their final destination. To defend yourself, it is necessary to buy and upgrade the towers, it is also important to place them in strategic places. One of the novelties in this game is the need to reload the weapons, thus making the game a little more difficult and requiring more attention from the player. All weapons have a limit on ammunition, and when you're done, the weapons will no longer fire, so you need to spend more money doing the reloading.

The whole scene has a futuristic ambience and full of illumination, with metallic textures in many points.

Each weapon has different possesses different animations, sounds and damages.

See the official game page on for more information.

3D Models
All models were created with Blender 2.80, still in its beta version. No model of the game has been purchased or it is from third-party production, all of it by Triquantic itself, which by the hour is being developed only by me.

The game is still far from being finalized, so it will include new enemy models and scenario objects. The possibility of inserting extra weapons in some phases is speculated, weapons that the player can not buy, they will already be in scene and only needs to be recharged.

All textures were created with Substance Painter / Designer. Most of the textures are metalized and with many emission maps.

For editing images and sprites, Photoshop and Illustrator are being used.

The soundtracks were produced with software of samplers and media of the type. The sounds of weapons, destruction and other effects were created. A very small portion of audio was purchased from

The background music is in the Electronic, Hip Hop, Dubstep and other genres. To control the playback stream, it was necessary to create an algorithm to manage all songs and playback order.

Audacity software is being used for track editing.

We are using Unity 3D, initially with the 2018 version and now with the latest version, which is 2018.3.11f1. At this point the graphic quality and ease of programming made all the difference for the production of this game.

This is a very rich technology project because a 3D editor has been created to adjust and establish the bases that the towers can be created. Unity has a number of features that allow the developer to create their own editor, so we do not need to get stuck exclusively with the Engine tools.

For each tower, each upgrade, vehicle and scene, we use ScriptableObject to set the settings, so you do not have to use scripts and components to adjust their values.

Everything is being created with the C # language and using Visual Studio. All the development is being done with modules, that is, everything is separated and organized into classes and priority level. All control scripts have access to a master script that controls the current wave, given gameover, and other factors that impact development.

The camera has been programmed to be in the style of strategy games, thus making life even easier for the player. The use of the keyboard is practically obsolete, since everything is done with the Mouse and in rare moments you have the option to do something with the keyboard, after all, clicking the exit button is easier.

Developed also a system for the reproduction of songs, with it the game randomizes the execution of the songs in each game and controls the order of reproduction.


Some models can be viewed directly in Sketchfab.

Trucks Neon -

Tower Gun -

Flame Tower:


From the start of the project, all updates and upgrades have been posted to the SatellaSoft channel, check out:

Update 01


Update 02


Update 03


Update 04


Update 05


Update 06


Update 07


Update 08



Visit the game page to download the beta and get more information.

Neon Tower Defense

Backstage of the development of Neon Tower Defense

  • Blender Models

    Blender Models

  • First trucks

    First trucks

  • Flame Tower

    Flame Tower

  • Four Towers

    Four Towers

  • Nuclear Scene

    Nuclear Scene