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A Casa Invisível

Game developed during the Global Gam Jam of 2019.

Posted in: 2019-04-05 13:04:23 | Author: Gunnar Correa

This was a very delicate project, involving several professionals, both in the technical part of development, as in the part of the history and setting.

The game takes place hours after the disaster that happened in São Paulo - Brazil. Basically a deactivated government building was shelter for several families, and after a fire, the building came crashing down. Many people were homeless, animals died, surrounding buildings were hit. The building was in front of the 'paissandu church'.

The player takes control of a character who lived in the building, the day is very rainy and he is barefoot. Basically the idea of ​​the project was to show that he lost everything, that there was no home. The character could steal some pedestrians or ask for alms, flush trash cans, clean car windows, and collect materials to build a cardboard house. He would still befriend a dog.

Unfortunately as the time was very short and it took us a long time to decide what should be done, it was not possible to implement the main mechanics, just a Walk Simulator.

In this project I was responsible for developing the game in Engine and some modeling, in the team there was a modeler, she made the Church, cars and other models. There was also a musician, he created the effects, soundtrack and every part of audio.

The critical part of the project was to pass the image / feeling of this resident without making a joke with him, so the whole scenario was in the sad style, rain, ambient blue tone, soundtrack, everything so that our project did not look at all satire, but rather the opposite, to show the reality of these people.

Few audios were obtained at because we had a musician in the team, so practically everything was produced by us. For the sound of walking in the rain, we used 11 audio clips.

My modeling was created in Blender 2.80, they are the trees, bus point and other simple things. Every thick and complicated part, he stayed with Lucy, a student of games.

We had two draftsman on the team, so they were responsible for creating the game icons, such as the HUD and main menu.

We used Unity 3D 2018 for this development. Various features were used, such as Post Processing to give Bloom and Color Correction effects. Animator for walking animations, Particle system for fumes and rain.

The result was better than expected.

Platform: Windows


A Casa Invisível

Gameplay set in real wreckage