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3D Wooden House

3D model created and made available for free to the entire gaming development community.

Posted in: 2019-03-24 16:56:11 | Author: Gunnar Correa

The model was created thinking of being used as a forest house, cabin...something where the characters can buy something.

I used Blender to do all the modeling, texture mapping and also create the materials.

Substance Painter / Designer
Using the Substance Painter I created all the textures, the vast majority was with the pre-defined materials, with some additions such as dirt. In the Substance Designer I created only the texture of Glass.

Unity 3D
I'm currently using this template in an RPG project I'm developing on Unity 3D.

The model can be downloaded into my Sketchfab account for free, and more, it can be used in commercial or personal projects.


Wooden House

Wooden house, created to be used in fields and woods.

  • Front final render

    Front final render

  • side rendering.

    side rendering.

  • internal rendering

    internal rendering

  • back rendering

    back rendering

  • blender view

    blender view

  • Substance Painter materials

    Substance Painter materials

  • Outside view in Unity

    Outside view in Unity

  • Unity internal view

    Unity internal view

  • Gameplay inside the house

    Gameplay inside the house